Oxford Wild Blueberries


Wild Country

There are few things as natural and good as Wild Blueberries, with more taste and twice the anti-oxidants of their cultivated cousins. Wild Blueberries are harvested but never planted. That’s what wild means!

The Better Blueberry

Which ones are the better blueberries? Why, they’re the little guys that can be found year round fresh in the freezer section with more taste and twice the anti-oxidants than cultivated blueberries. And best of all, they are affordably priced, so you can enjoy them everyday!

Year Round Fresh

During the winter months, the large blueberries found in the fresh produce section are typically imported cultivated blueberries travelling long distances before they reach you. If you’re looking for Wild Blueberries with more flavour and twice the anti-oxidants, look to the freezer section where they are always in season!